The Collective Force



Mara Sommer

Mara Sommer creates fantasies and fairy tales, deftly articulating emotional stories through her photography, while always maintaining a sense of reality that brings the viewer back to the everyday world. She describes her work as highly styled, but with minimal artiface.

For Mara, each shot is a creative opportunity to portray a strong story – with the camera lens becoming the frame, the landscape the canvas, and the models the characters through which she can evoke moods that lend the clothing a more life-like quality. 

Since arriving in New Zealand in 2008, Mara’s artistic background and European flair has seen her quickly become in demand photographing fashion shoots and covers for the country’s top fashion magazines, as well as being on regular call to her designer clients who book her time and again for their campaigns. Clients appreciate her ability to think on her feet and outside the box – and often give her the creative freedom to nurture their idea into something truly unique.

Her work has appeared in fine art shows as well as group gallery shows in Germany, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.