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 Josh Griggs

For Josh Griggs, it all comes down to storytelling. Regardless of whether he is shooting a backcountry muster in the wilds of the South Island or a top chef plating up their latest dish in the heart of Auckland city, capturing the honest interaction between people and their place is always key. 

Always striving for authenticity in his work, Josh is able to distill the stories of real people in a way that is not only truthful but also visually stunning. His simple approach to image making and quick ‘on your feet’ thinking allows him to integrate seamlessly with his subjects and their respective environment – ensuring he always gets the shot.

Josh never looked back after accidentally falling into photography at the completion of his Graphic Design degree.  The skills he picked up as a designer have proved to be inherently valuable to his photography practice – understanding layout, technical constraints and the relationship between photography and design have made nothing but a positive impact on the results Josh is able to deliver. 

The love of travel, collaboration and of course, storytelling is what makes Josh’s work so special. Meeting people from various walks of life and exploring their world is a real honor to Josh, his openness and easy going nature making all the difference in creating powerful and genuine images for his clients.