Joseph Kelly

When sixteen year­-old Joseph Kelly discovered Cartier-Bresson’s statement, ‘Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst’. He picked up his camera and started shooting. A lot.

Starting his passion for photography developing B&W film in a darkroom at his school, the UK photographer discovered the joys of medium format colour during his final year at the University of Brighton.
Newly inspired by Joel Sternfelds ‘American Prospects’, Joseph strived to tell a deeper narrative within each image, rather than the more reportage style of work he had been inspired by earlier on.

Moving from the UK to New Zealand 10 years ago, Kelly continues to keep the narrative at the heart of his work, focusing on a documentary style that transcends between his personal and commercial practices.
With his wife and two kids by his side, Joseph balances between the professional and personal, venturing wherever his photography and family may take him.